Stronvivo Nitric Oxide Booster CRUSHES Neo40

Here are the facts:

STRONVIVO has 4,430 mg per daily dose, Neo40 only 420 mg...
Clinically Proven, Informed-Choice Certified Ingredients:

Stronvivo Ingredients

Neo40 has 420 mg per daily dose of their "Proprietary Nitric Oxide Blend"
  • Neo40 has 420 mg of their nitric oxide blend of roots and berries
  • Neo40 Professional has 425 mg, 1% more product, 3X the price!
  • Neo40 did have 1000 mcg (1 mg) of Vitamin B12, now only 50 mcg
  • Neo40 took out 95% of the Vitamin B12
Neo40 Ingredients

Stronvivo CRUSHES Neo40

  • Over 10 times the meaningful ingredients 4,430 mg vs 420 mg (Note that Neo40 is mostly sugar while Stronvivo has no sugar of any kind.)
  • Stronvivo is certified by Informed-Choice, Neo40 is not
  • Stronvivo is verified and certified pharmaceutical grade
  • Stronvivo is published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine
Stronvivo is 10x more than Neo40

The choice is clear - Why buy a tiny amount of Neo40 when you can get a therapeutic dosage of STRONVIVO!


You can TRUST Stronvivo - Stronvivo is 100% Guaranteed and Certified, Neo40 is not.

Starting with a certified maufacturing facility, all inbound ingredients, and every batch of product, is tested and verified to ensure purity and compliance with FDA, US Pharmacopia, Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Association) standards. Throughout the year, products are purchased at retail and sent to independent labs to verify that the product matches the label in the right quantity, with effective, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients; with no contaminants, no fillers and no banned substances - 100% GUARANTEED. Neo 40 has nothing...


Dr. Stephen A. Center used to recommend Neo40, then he found Stronvivo and upgraded his patients...

"I am an integrative medicine physician in San Diego, practicing since 1986.  I am aware of the importance of optimizing nitric oxide levels for purposes of enhancing circulation throughout the body. I’ve attended many lectures on the subject and do 2 forms of testing for nitric oxide in my office: ADMA/Arginine levels (assessing the enzyme that converts nitrates into nitric oxide) and salivary nitric oxide levels, using HumanN/Neo40 nitric oxide salivary test strips. Before Stronvivo, I used and recommended either Neo40 or an arginine based product in a powder form (these had a taste that some patients objected to). 

Using the test strips, which were initially a pale pink in color in patients who had nitric oxide deficiency, I found that after a month of Stronvivo use the test strips would almost always show a dark pink color indicating that nitric oxide levels had improved to optimal.

I have noticed that in patients who were previously using Neo40 that the Stronvivo supplement produced a more dramatic improvement in salivary nitric oxide levels. This happened in my case and I was quite pleased!   

Not only am I seeing better outcomes in terms of nitric oxide testing but the product is also less expensive for patients than the Neo40, especially the professional strength.   

For these 2 reasons I am now recommending Stronvivo for all of my patients with the need for optimizing nitric oxide levels, be it ED symptoms, poor circulation to the hands and feet, fatigue, need for safe athletic performance enhancement, hypertension, and other conditions, all of which can be potentially helped by this intervention."

Stephen A. Center, MD
Fellowship Trained Integrative and Age Management Medicine
BodyLogic MD of San Diego

The choice is clear

Stronvivo is bettter than Neo40

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