Journal of Sexual Medicine (July 2015)

Stronvivo Improves Sexual Functioning in Men and Women

Vascoe, Jeffre; Merrill, Ron; Vieira, K; Abbey Research Ltd., USA; 

Objective(s). Stronvivo is an Informed Choice certified nutritional supplement, comprised of USP-verified, pharmaceutical grade ingredients, designed to improve the health of the endothelium, stimulate the production of nitric oxide, improve circulation, boost energy and inhibit platelet aggregation and adherence. Given that these processes play an integral role in sexual function, it was hypothesized that Stronvivo would have additional beneficial effects in this area. The current study was an open-label trial exploring the effect of Stronvivo supplementation on various subjective ratings of sexual functioning. 

Material(s) and Method(s). The sample included 260 adults, ages 30-84, BMI 21-56. Patients were administered 6 capsules of Stronvivo daily for 90 days, which equated to a total daily intake of: 2,000mg of L-arginine, 1,000mg of L-citrulline, 1,000mg of L-carnitine, 30mg of zinc, and 400mg of magnesium. Patients were assessed at four time points: baseline (prior to supplementation with Stronvivo), 30-day follow-up, 60-day follow-up and 90-day follow-up. Measures included: FSFI, IIEF, ADAM and PHQ-9.

Result(s). Mean scores on the subscales of the FSFI, (i.e., Desire, Arousal, Lubrication, Orgasm, Satisfaction, Pain) demonstrated linear improvement. Mean full-scale FSFI scores were as follows: baseline M=20.84; 30-day M=24.77; 60-day M= 25.39; and 90-day M=29.33 with the biggest improvements shown in the domains of Desire (1.94), Arousal (1.47), Orgasm (1.42) and Lubrication (1.26). For males, significant improvement was noted in terms of IIEF total scores from baseline (M=43.65) to 60 days (M=52.40). Ratings of erectile dysfunction improved from baseline to 60 days and ratings of sexual desire improved from baseline to all other time points. On the ADAM, over half the sample meeting criteria for androgen deficiency at baseline no longer met criteria after 30 days (n=22; 51%). Finally, significant improvement in depressive symptoms (PHQ-9) was noted for males after 30 days and for females after 60 days.

Conclusion(s). Females reported improvements in all areas of sexual functioning, as well as significant improvements in subjective mood while taking Stronvivo. Males reported improved erectile function and sexual desire following initiation of Stronvivo. Further, taking Stronvivo for a month led to reduced symptoms of androgen deficiency and significant improvements in subjective mood.

Citation: Journal of Sexual Medicine, Volume 12, Issue Supplement S4, Pages 273-292 July 2015. J Sex Med, 12: 273–291. doi:10.1111/jsm.12922.


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