How to Heal Faster After Surgery or Injury

If you’re about to undergo, or have recently undergone, surgery, you may be worried about the incisions and scars that may result from your procedures. You may also think that there’s not much you can do about their appearance, or the time they’ll take to heal. However, there is interesting news out there in this regard: research has shown that the quality of nutrition post-surgery can affect healing and possibly even scar tissue formation. The body benefits from certain nutrients that power and even enhance its own processes that drive healing and wound closure after an injury or operation. These nutrients are used to replace or repair cells in the body, and thus regenerate (or heal) the linings of organs, blood vessels and other tissues under the skin. Clearly then, good nutrition is important; however, post-surgery patients are often encouraged to take additional supplements, as the body’s requirements become magnified to ‘fund’ its responses to surgical wounds.

Stronvivo is a nutritional supplement containing USP-grade concentrations of nutrients strongly associated with tissue healing and immune system support. They are L-arginine, L-citrulline, Lcarnitine, magnesium, and zinc. L-arginine and L-citrulline are essential amino acids, which are used in the body to produce many important molecules and proteins that are central to cell integrity, repair or replacement. L-arginine is also associated with improved blood flow to the skin, which is important in keeping incisions healthy and supplied with nutrients while healing. L-arginine also supports the formation of the protein collagen, which forms protective scar tissue over a wound. Zinc also contributes to the proper ‘laying down’ of collagen over a wound, which is important for a neat, minimalistic appearance in new scar tissue. Magnesium is used in the body to help cells ‘move’ into new conformations and locations, which is important for the tissue “re-modeling” that happens in the course of normal, healthy healing. Magnesium, zinc and L-arginine may also reduce harmful inflammation around a wound. Inflammation is related to abnormal or excessive scarring, impairedhealing and localized immune system disorders.

The body’s immune system and its cells also need the nutrients provided by Stronvivo to prevent or control infection in a surgical wound. Research has shown that the micro-nutrients magnesium and zinc are beneficial to tissues in need of repair after an injury. Zinc also boosts the immune system, as it is needed by the important immune-type B- and T-cells to respond to infection. In addition, research has found that reduced immune system responses are linked to low levels of L-carnitine in the body. The body needs L-carnitine to break down fats for energy, and is also used by certain types of immune cells (macrophages) to neutralize potentially harmful foreign substances and contaminants that may be present as a result of surgery. Many of the benefits above have been observed as a result of taking these nutrients both before and after sustaining an injury. Therefore, taking Stronvivo in preparation for surgery and post-surgery may aid and even help accelerate healthy, normal healing post-surgery, while protecting against infections and inflammation.