How are You Treating Your Hypertension?

How are You Treating Your Hypertension

How are you treating your hypertension? Here is how a few of our friends answered that question...

Great stuff. Does what my prescription could not. BP was lowered from 190/100 to 140/84 within days of starting and stays in that range.

For me it took about 2-3 weeks but my blood pressure was really high and I have also increased my cardio and decreased salt and caffeine intake. My BP is now normal (128/90) without medication.


Before Stronvivo I was tired, worn out, exhausted and unfocused


I did notice was how much color had returned to my extremities; my fingers in particular have been extremely pale and over the course of about a month, the coloration changed fairly dramatically. I am now taking a full dose along with my BP medication, and the combination seems to work well.

I had my blood pressure checked for the first time in a decade and was 188 over something. I changed my diet, started walking more, and took these three times a day. Less than two months later i'm hovering around 128/85. I look forward getting it even lower over the coming months.

After several months now of using this product, and despite a heap of stress that normally has my blood pressure hitting dangerous levels, this product continues to work hard for me.

I was introduced to Stronvivo thru my doctor

I was introduced to this product thru my doctor. Since I have been taking it I have been feeling better each day. The product has helped me to feel better with being over 40. I have been recommending it to a lot of my friends because of all the benefits

I have had high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. for many years. I began using Stronvivo about 6 months ago and, along with my prescription medication, I take Stronvivo. My blood pressure has gone down considerably and my numbers have gone down across the board. I highly recommend it.

I will never stop buying this stuff! Holy crap! My BP shot through the roof in January and landed me in ER. 200/120 it was crazy because I have always had great BP. We tried pretty much EVERY BP med (prescription) and the side effects were horrible! I stumbled across these and I thought what the heck. I have been taking 6 a day and within a short few weeks my BP went down to 127/70.


I've been taking Stronvivo for 120 days

My husband says this is the best formula for lowering BP he's tried, and he has tried a lot!

This product has helped me get my B/P down without any prescriptions. Great Product, no side effects

Stronvivo is helping my blood pressure go down! Thank God!

I really like this product. I have a very stressful job and my blood pressure rises pretty high. So I take supplements for it. I've noticed my blood pressure lower gradually with this. It also seems to calm me down. Not sure why, but I like it

I have been using this product for a few weeks now and so far I absolutely do love it. My blood pressure has normalized - it was a bit high before and this has made a difference!!

I take this to supplement my prescription blood pressure medication.And so far so good my doctor told me whatever your doing keep doing it .


I have seen a decrease in my blood pressure


I am required to have blood pressure below 140/70 in order to keep my job. You can imagine how I felt when my pressure regularly went up into the range of 145-155. I wanted to avoid taking medication for it because I believe that once I started taking it I would be using it for the rest of my life. So I stopped smoking, went on a diet, and began with Stronvivo along with CoQ10, Omega 3 fish oil, and garlic pills. I also started walking at least 3 times a week. I really believe that all of the changes I made TOGETHER helped me, because at my annual physical two days ago my pressure was 128/68. I'm going to stick to my regimen because I feel so much better now.

I bought this supplement for my father and he has been using it for a few weeks now and so far his blood pressure had normalized - it was a bit high before and he told me it is making quite a difference!

This product is the best herbal supplement I've tried for MAINTAINING healthy blood pressure levels.


My Doctor said just keep taking Stronvivo



I take Stronvivo because my life matters