6 Most Effective Natural Energy Boosters


Many of us have experienced times in our lives when we feel like we’ve been hit like a tonne of bricks, and no matter what we do, we can’t seem to pick ourselves up off the floor and find that energy and motivation we so desperately crave.

However the solution could be much easier than you might think. Below are 6 powerful, effective natural energy boosters that can help you to discover a load more energy that you never even realised that you had!

Natural Energy Boosters #1 - Water, water, water!

How is your intake of water going? When you don’t drink enough water, your body quickly dehydrates, resulting in you feeling sluggish. It will also effect your concentration and your metabolism.

Remember, the body needs air, water and food to function - in that order. We’d last seconds without air, days without water and weeks without food, so you need to make sure water is an important part of your day.

Natural Energy Boosters #2 - Cut Out Caffeine

You may know that caffeine is a diuretic; but did you know that a cup of coffee can dehydrate you more than the water in the cup? Too much caffeine can also exhaust your adrenal glands. People often look for ‘quick fixes’ when trying to solve their problems, without even realising they are just prolonging their problems or creating more! So try cutting back your caffeine intake, or choose caffeine free options. A sneaky caffeine source is green tea; so check the labels before buying teas and opt for caffeine free.

Natural Energy Boosters #3 - Exercise… In The Morning

Studies have shown that exercise in the morning not only helps you have a better quality of sleep, but you’ll lose weight too – and help keep it off longer term. Not to mention how much more energy you’ll have from getting a better sleep and carrying less weight.

Even by just taking a walk every morning, your cells will be buzzing and your mood will improve. Make exercise a MUST in your day, reminding yourself of what you’re going to be getting rid off – dreaded low energy and fatigue!

Natural Energy Boosters #4 - Iron Rich Foods

Iron is so important for energy and helps send oxygen around our body. If you’re been suffering with low energy for some time, it would be wise to get a blood test from your doctor to check your iron levels. They are very easily depleted, especially for menstruating women.

Make sure your diet contains iron rich foods, including dark leafy greens, beans and pulses, spirulina, liver, squash and pumpkin seeds to name a few.

Natural Energy Boosters #5 - Cut Out Sugar

Sugar is a big, bad energy bully. Highly addictive in nature, sugar is responsible for many serious health problems and is often found in combination with other energy zappers (like caffeine or processed carbs) in foods and drinks marketed to give us energy.

While they will all give you a quick, short-term energy boost, it’ll send you crashing down hard, and off in search of your next sugar hit. People on high sugar diets (sugar is hidden everywhere, so its not that hard to unknowingly be on one) report feelings of fatigue, flatulence, short tempered/bad moods and find themselves sluggish and unmotivated. Break the cycle and you’ll feel so much better.

Natural Energy Boosters #6 - Stronvivo

Stronvivo is an exciting discovery in relation to energy delivery to the body, with 78% of people taking Stronvivo reporting significantly more energy.

How does it work? It begins with the blood vessels in your body, lined with microscopic cells called “endothelial” cells (together, they are called the ‘endothelium’), which produces nitric oxide.

While helping to dilate blood vessels, nitric oxide smoothes the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to muscles and helps clear waste products that can hinder muscle performance, allowing you to tire more quickly. As we age, the level of nitric oxide production reduces dramatically, from around 21 years of age - so many of us can benefit from a fantastic energy boost thanks to Stonvivo.