39 Great Ways to Rekindle the Flame


You’ve been working on your relationship.You noticed that your marriage was getting stale, but you didn’t quit, you didn’t throw in the towel. No, you got busy. You’ve started a gratefulness practice, you’ve strengthened the lines of communication and you’re starting to have fun again.

Now it’s time to rekindle the flame. The following is a list of 39 great date ideas that will get you laughing, touching and enjoying each others company again in no time. But be warned, with all of the flirty, sexy fun you’ll be having, things are bound to get hot, hot, hot.

1. Dinner and people watching at the bar in a restaurant

The restaurant bar is a great place for people watching. Grab a glass of your favorite beverage, order some appetizers and strike up a conversation with the barkeep or the couple next to you. You’ll have a ball.

2. Roller Skating

Funny thing is that the roller think has not changed much since you were last there, regardless of when you were last there. Talk about retro, but so much fun. It doesn’t matter if you can skate or not. In fact, if you are a little wobbly, it just gives you partner a chance to swoop in for support.

3. Twilight Picnic

There is nothing better than a twilight picnic. Find a local ready made food joint or upscale grocery store. Buy a bottle of bubbly, some cheese, olives, crackers, fig spread. Take a nice blanket and spread out under the stars. Tres Chic!

4. Evening at the Zoo (without the kids)

Zoos tend have great landscaping, nice walking paths and fun concessions. Pick up some popcorn, a slice of pizza and a soda and enjoy the wildlife.

5. Dinner and a move at a small cinema, not a Mega-plex

Most towns have an old cinema that plays foreign movies. Try pairing your dinner with the origin of the movie; french food and a french movie, Sushi and a Japanese movie.

6. Afternoon at an art museum

Become an art critic for a day as you enjoy strolling through your local art museum. Make lists of your favorite pieces and compare them over an early dinner.

7. Have breakfast at a farmers market

I’ve had some of the best meals of my life at farmers markets. The ingredients are so fresh you just can’t beat it. Get going early and catch breakfast. There is usually someone selling bees wax candles, pick up a few of those for later. Let the anticipation build.

8. Take an Uber around your town to see the sights

Be a tourist for a day and have a driver show you the sights. For added romance, Hold hands and snuggle in the back of the car.

9. Go to a flee market together

Search for memories or projects you can do together as you pick through the piles at a local flea market.

10. Shoot Skeet

Ah, the smell of gunpowder in the air. Nothing like an afternoon in the great outdoors shooting skeet. Watch out fellas, she might be a pretty good shot.

11. Take a trip to local farm to pick up produce

There was a time when a Sunday drive in the country was common. Those days are long gone However, a quick google search will lead you to all of the local farms where you can pick up items like heritage poultry, pasture raised pork, organic fruits and vegetables and cage free eggs. You’ll have as much fun eating the ingredients as you did finding them12.

12. Art flick a the museum

Most museums host art flicks at least once a month. They can be pretty bizarre, they are art flicks after all. If you can’t get into the movie, just snuggle and whisper sweet nothings.

13. Test drive luxury cars

Test drive the the car of your dreams, heck, test drive several of them. Make a date of it.

14. Fondu

Nothing says 1970’s Euro Chic like dinner at a Fondue restaurant. Actually, there is reason it was all the rage way back when. It’s really good and you have a ball doing it.

15. Spend the night in a cabin in a local state park

I can smell the campfire now. Hamburgers and grilled veggies followed by, you got it, s’mores. Listen ladies, if he was willing to go to the flea market and the art museum, this is the least you can do. Sure, you won’t have all of the modern conveniences you are use to, but hay, you’re giving him a chance to feel like a lumberjack. And what woman hasn’t dreamed about spending time with a lumberjack?

16. Nosh the Night Away

Go to an upscale grocery store, try all of the samples, then buy cheese and wine and enjoy Grazing at the local Whole Foods is great way to spend a date night. Great food, the best people watching and they even have a juice bar!

17. Go for a long walk and hold hands

Long walks are underrated. Almost no one walks anymore. Walks a great for your health, don’t cost a dime and provide a distraction free period to dream, set goals or just hold hands.

18. Try Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Not only is Stand Up Paddle Boarding the fastest growing water sport in the country, it is easy enough for the most steadfast landlubber. Throw on your thing suite, grab a paddle and enjoy the water.

19. Take a cooking class, an art class or a wine tasting class

Taking a class with your spouse is a great way to connect. It puts you both on even footing, learning a new skill together. Combining the class with a little vino is sure to spark a flame.

20. Go to dinner and eat dessert first

While your at it, stop and smell the roses, make great memories and sing and dance.

21. Feed the ducks at the park

Nothing is more tranquil and relaxing than sitting in a park next to the water feeding ducks.

22. Go to a ball game

When was the last time you went to a ball game? Grab some peanuts and enjoy the game.

23. Try a couples yoga class

What a great way to stretch out and release the tension. You’ll work up a sweat and might just have fun doing it.

24. Take dance lessons

I was born with two left  feet but when my wife and I took Tango classes I was transformed into an international man of mystery. Well, not so much, but we had a great time and a met a lot of really fun couples.

25. Volunteer at a soup kitchen, food pantry, homeless shelter or orphanage

Nothing helps you to appreciate all you have than to serve the less fortunate. The gratitude in the homeless woman face or the sparkle in the eyes of a child will bring tears to your eyes and melt the coldest of hearts.

26. Have a standing lunch date each month at the same restaurant

Pick a quite restaurant that has a light lunch crowd. Set up a regular monthly reservation and ask for the same table. Schedule the dates months in advance and put them on your calendar. 

27. Watch the sun go down, preferably by the water

What is more romantic that sunset over the water? Pack a basket with your favorite snacks and a bottle of bubbly and enjoy the night sky.

28. Go to a 4H auction

I don’t know about you, but seeing a bunch of kids with their baby sheep and pigs always makes me feel like home. These events usually have a real down home family atmosphere. 

29. Hibachi restaurant

Flying cutlery, bursting flames and dancing food right at your table. What else can I say?

30. Go to an arcade and play video games

Try the racing games, they can get quite competitive. If the video games are to much for you, there is always Whack a Mole.

31. Visit to a local school fair

How long has it been since you took part in a cake walk or judged a craft competition. Well, that’s too long.

32. Create a photo album

If you are like me, you have 20,000 photos on your hard drive. Print out a few dozen and create a phone album together. Take time to relive the memories.

33. Spend the evening planning a trip

Go to a book store, pick out 5-10 travel books, find a comfortable spot to sit and plan a trip together. Whether you end up going or not is not the point. The point is to spend time getting to know each other better and fantasizing about all the places you would like to go.

34. Have a progressive dinner for two

Start off with appetizers at one restaurant. Have your entree at another. Have dessert and a night cap at the last. Make it really fun by taking  taxis from place to place.

35. Karaoke

Ah, the ancient Japanese art of making a complete fool of ones self. The trick is to forget about the dozens of people staring up at you and just sing your heart out to your partner. Besides, you can’t be any worse than the guy in the pant suit and the troupe.

36. Enjoy some live music

Pop a top, prop your feet up and enjoy some live local tunes. 

37. Spend the day at a street festival

What a great way to get out, enjoy to outdoors and do some people watching. You might even find a unique piece of art or a tie dyed t-shirt that you just can’ live without.

38. Search for the best cookie or cupcake in town

Make list of several bakeries in your area. Stop by each sampling their cookies or cupcakes. Make notes and compare.

39. Dust off your bikes and go for a nice ride

Come on, when was the last time you took a bike ride? It’s great exercise and a fun way to spend an afternoon. Hay, I not that fond of the whole helmet thing either, but there is nothing like a bike ride to get you feeling like a kid again.

Homework: Pick one, just one. Make it a date. Don’t wait, do it now. Over countless years of testing dating has been clinically proven to lead to romance.I Can see the spark in your eyes just thinking about it.



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