6 Tips to Strengthen Your Orgasm, According to Mary Jo Rapini, Author, Re-Coupling: A Couple’s 4-step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex

July 20, 2015 Sexual dysfunction occurs in about 30% to 50% of women (and that’s just those who report it). Common complaints include low sexual desire, difficulty attaining or maintaining sexual arousal, inability to achieve an orgasm, painful intercourse and urinary incontinence.

“Remember, orgasms are more than just fun, they’re great for your health,” says Mary Jo Rapini, licensed psychotherapist specializing in intimacy and relationships. “When you have an orgasm, the hormone, oxytocin, is released from the hypothalamus of the brain into the bloodstream, creating an instant feeling of release and relaxation. They are also wonderful for pain relief. Research shows that endorphins can help women increase their pain tolerance by as much as 75%! And, increased blood flow to the brain helps it to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs to function at a high level with greater creativity.”

6 tips to strengthen your orgasm:

  1. After childbirth or in menopause, strengthening and toning the pelvic floor muscles will restore intimacy and pleasure and will also prevent unexpected bladder leakage when laughing, coughing or exercising. Try Apex, an automatic pelvic floor exerciser that will strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles to eliminate accidental bladder leakage.
  2. Recurring vaginal dryness makes sex painful and can put a strain on your relationship. Estrogen-free Replens Long-Lasting Vaginal Moisturizer provides soothing relief for three days by replenishing the natural vaginal moisture and regenerating the vaginal cells. As with dry skin that you experience on your face and hands, regular moisturizing prevents dryness from recurring.
  3. Lube it up just before intercourse with a silicone lubricant like Replens Silky Smooth or Wet Platinum. Silicone lubes aren’t sticky like water-based and they last because they don’t dry out. They also don’t break down in water and can be used in the bath, shower, or spa or for full body massages and skin conditioning.
  4. Give your sex drive a boost with Stronvivo, an all-natural, Informed-Choice Certified nutritional supplement for both men and women. Taken daily, Stronvivo, comprised of USP-verified, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients including L-Arginine, is designed to boost nitric oxide production in the body’s endothelium, improving blood circulation. Other ingredients include L‐CitrullineL-Carnitine TartrateMagnesium and Zinc, all shown to potentially improve erectile function and enhance libido in women.
  5. Create a better connection. 80% of couples suffer from a sexual problem. The newly published, Re-Coupling: A Couple’s 4-step Guide to Greater Intimacy and Better Sex. Co-authored by Mohit Khera, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H., Associate Professor, Director of the Laboratory for Andrology Research at McNair Medical Institute, Baylor College of Medicine and Medical Director of the Executive Health Program at Baylor and Mary Jo Rapini, provides tips and ideas on how to make your love life better.
  6. Keep sex safe and fun with Graphic Armor's new personalized custom printed condoms.