Manufacturing Stronvivo

Stronvivo is proudly made in the USA in a manufacturing facility/plant that is cGMP certified by the FDA and has been developing and producing quality products for the past three decades. The plant has the following certifications; FDA Registered Facility, USDA Certified Facility, Safe Quality Food, Informed-Choice, and NSF. The standard of quality at the plant are higher than those required for nutritional supplements. The quality assurance process starts before raw materials enter the plant and continue throughout the manufacturing and packing process.

Only USP Grade materials (tested per the United States Pharmacopeia monograph procedures) are used at all times. Through inbound testing of each and every barrel, contaminated raw materials are caught before they even make it through the doors. To ensure that only pure ingredients are used, each batch of raw material undergoes rigorous scientific testing by quality control experts. Each batch of raw ingredients is quarantined upon arrive, sampled and kept in quarantine until it is completely approved.

Next, full Microbiological testing is performed. This assures that every product meets the FDA standard for purity. The material is also screened for steroids, melamine and other unwanted substances or filler that may have been put into the raw material. Once all testing is completed, reviewed, and approved; each ingredient is issued a Certificate of Analysis. This is the first defense to guarantee that strict purity, safety, and efficacy standards are met.

Designed specifically for FDA validation, the Bran & Luebbe & Buchi FT-NIR Analyzer is used at the plant as one of the most efficient and effective methods of quantitative and qualitative testing. This sophisticated laboratory equipment uses High Performance Crystal Spectroscopy to test and certify every single molecule in each batch of our product. In the same way that CSI laboratories dissect DNA evidence, our products are scientifically certified and 'fingerprinted'. High Performance Liquid Chromatography, Gas Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry, and Melting Point analysis is also used as needed.

With full inline testing from start to finish and independent laboratory testing for cGMP Qualification, cGMP Quantification, Microbial, Steroid Screen, Stimulant Screen, Heavy Metals, and Nutritional Facts; 100% of all inbound raw materials are FDA validated, Stronvivo is 100% FDA validated, and 100% of all Stronvivo products always meet label claims.


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